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Customers can access city hall via the alley off Broadway.      Find Out More


Customers can access city hall via the alley off Broadway.   Find Out More

Nuisance Complaint Forms

Scott City Residents:

Property where nuisance activity occurs regularly is a blight on the whole community. Nuisances can frighten away law abiding residents, discourage reinvestment and cosume police and other city services. The City of Scott City and the Scott City Police Department are committed to providing a clean and safe community for all to enjoy. This is why increased property nuisance enforcement will be a primary focus of the city.

Many of our neighbors and fellow citizens are acting responsibly and are not the source of nuisances. Unfortunately, they do exist and your property should not be negatively affected by those that are nuisances.

If you have any questions about Nuisances, please contact the Code Enforcer Officer:
Officer McMichael
Phone: (573) 264-2121

We would like your help in our fight to clean up our community, by letting us know of problems or nuisances out there in our community. If you would like to register a complaint please either:

1) Fill out the Online Nuisance Complaint Form Below and click "Submit"


2) Download, print, complete, and return the Nuisance Complaint Form to City Hall or the Police Station.

  Nuisance Complaint Form