October 10, 2017

 The following is a brief summary of items from Monday night’s City of Scott City Council special meeting.  A copy of the actual minutes will be posted on the website at a later date.

 City of Scott City Council Meeting Summary – Special Session

 The City Council met in special session on October 9, 2017. 

 Mayor Pro-tem Norman Brant called the meeting to order at 7 pm.  During the meeting, City Attorney Frank Siebert and Joe Blanton, of the Law Offices of Blanton, Nickell, Collins, Douglas and Hanschen, addressed those in attendance on the contents of each of the bills listed below. 

The following bills were approved by Council:

 ·       Bill #1090 Ordinance #1098.  The ordinance relates to permitted and conditional uses in industrial and heavy industrial districts.  The ordinance included a table outlining categories of industry as either light or heavy and assigned permitted or conditional use to each.  Conditional use shall be permitted only if specifically authorized by the Planning Commission.

·       Bill #1091 Ordinance #1099.  The ordinance relates to denial of building permits.  A permit shall not be granted unless the applicant’s property is properly zoned, and the applicant has procured all necessary permits and clearances from the EPA, the DNR or any other government agency that requires such permits.

·       Bill #1092 Ordinance #1100.  The ordinance relates to the definitions used in zoning.  It addressed the definitions of “permitted use, special use, and conditional use.”

·       Bill #1093 Ordinance #1101.  The ordinance relates to special use permits. 

·       Bill #1094 Ordinance #1102.  The ordinance relates to conditional use permits and outlines the procedure for obtaining a conditional use permit.

·       Bill #1095 Ordinance #1103.  The ordinance relates to factors to be considered in issuing special use or conditional use permits.  The new section includes many factors that must be met before a permit is issued, as well as conducting yearly reviews by the building inspector, and the revocation or suspension of the permit if the owner has violated the standards under which the permit was granted

            In other action, the Council approved the expenditure of $5,500 for a repair on the bucket truck.  

 The next regular Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 16, 2017.