September 25, 2017 


Request for Permit by North American Tie and Timber

On September 11, North American Tie and Timber, LLC, approached the Scott City Council regarding placement of a cross tie treating facility in an area along Main Street zoned light industrial. The proposed location is a nine-acre tract next to the current tie yard.  Under this proposal, cross ties would be scrubbed and treated according to North American Tie and Timber.

Neither the Planning and Zoning Commission nor the City Council has taken any action to approve the construction of the facility. North American Tie and Timber has applied for a building permit, but has not asked for a zoning variance or conditional use permit at this time.

Planning and Zoning only permits certain conditional uses in light industrial areas. This type of processing plant, while not specifically permitted in light industrial zones, could be determined to be of the same general character of other permitted uses.

Scott City Administration has received numerous objections to the proposed location including concerns about public safety and odors that could emanate from the plant. Upon receipt of an application by North American Tie and Timber to construct a proposed tie treatment facility at the site, the Planning and Zoning Commission will schedule a public hearing on the proposed use to determine if the application should be granted.