The following is a brief summary of items from Monday night’s City of Scott City Council regular meeting.  A copy of the actual minutes will be posted on the website at a later date.


City of Scott City Council Meeting Summary – Regular Session

 The City Council met in regular session on September 18, 2017. 

The prayer and pledge of allegiance were led by Tommy Miller.

The Council approved the agenda, the minutes from September 5 regular meeting and September 11 special meeting, and the bills as presented.

 Public Forum

             Monty Keessee spoke in opposition to the construction in town of a creosote plant for railroad ties.  His concerns included such items as potential fire in the building and Scott City having the resources to extinguish, possible water pollution, and DNR permits.  Edward Thomas, also, spoke in opposition to the plant construction.  Tommy Miller thanked Monty and the Council, also saying the community is looking better and wants a great community.           

            Curt Buchheit, of Havco, asked about vacating a lane by Midwest Industries that Havco is working to purchase.  The council approved the request.

 Department Report

            Police Chief Dave Leeman showed an ID badge that was created by a recently purchased ID maker and told the council they found a storage shed for $500.

            Fire Chief Jay Cassout didn’t have any updates since last Monday’s meeting.

            Parks Director Skylar Cobb told the Council the Eric Uhrhan tournament is scheduled for Saturday with 45 sponsors and 45 teams participating. 

            Public Works Director Dustin Whitworth informed the Council the Rose Con Road waterline install has started and the permits for the Lagoon are approved.  He also said his crew has been busy mowing, cleaning ditches, and are making preparations for participating in the Homecoming Parade on Friday.

            City Administrator Diann Ulmer said the Chamber of Commerce was given back the monies they donated for the amphitheater, which they will donate to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club.  She asked the Council to review a Notice to Bid prepared for Solid Waste Collection and Removal; the current contract ends December 31.

Committee Reports

 Councilman Rodney Uhrhan spoke about the placement of United States flags at the cemetery. The flags would be put out during the daytime 5 times a year to honor the military.

Councilman Randy Morse presented a proposal for updating the ordinances to include committee meetings postings being conducted according to the Missouri Sunshine Laws.

Councilman Bill Schwartz talked about the replacement of two windows at the fire station.  He volunteered to install them with some help from other volunteers.

 Other Action

 Mayor Pro-tem Norman Brant appointed and the Council approved Denise Wilson for City Clerk.  Wilson has been serving as Municipal Court Clerk.  Her appointment is due to the recent resignation of City Clerk Logan Eddleman.

Mayor Pro-tem Brant appointed and the Council approved Vanessa Edmond for Municipal Court Clerk. 

The Council approved Brandon Cook as police reserve officer and volunteer firefighter.