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Customers can access city hall via the alley off Broadway.      Find Out More


Customers can access city hall via the alley off Broadway.   Find Out More

The Scott City Preservation Commission & Historical Society

“Preserving the Past,
Embracing the Future,
Safeguarding Historic Treasures”

Do you love history, do you “remember when…” would you like to tell “your story, share your memories”…are you interested in seeing our
historic buildings, cemeteries, residences, and landmarks preserved for future generations? Join the Scott City Historic Preservation
Commission & Historical Society.


Simply Download the Registration Form below, complete it and then mail it in to the address on the form!

For more information:
Call Susan Perez
(573) 334-7025

The Society's Officers & Members:

Susan's Bio:

Susan Laughlin Perez lived in Illmo as a child where her grandfather, Henry Chism was a Chief Dispatcher for the railroad. Her mother, Vera Chism Whitlock and father, Harold Laughlin also worked for the railroad in Illmo. Her grandmother, Anna Myrtle Chism was a homemaker and member of the Eastern Star. 

Susan is a retired Emergency Services Specialist from the American Red Cross in Pasadena, California with 10 plus years of experience in Catastrophic Disaster Planning.  Additionally, she was liaison to Community
Partnerships including fire, police, city groups, churches, schools and hospitals within the 44 communities the chapter served. 

Previous to Red Cross, Susan was an Executive Legal Secretary in the legal fields of aviation and space law, libel, slander and First Amendment law and a 911 Dispatcher for the Monrovia Police Department in Monrovia, California. 

Her love of history and the Scott City community has led her to accept the position of Chairman for the Scott City Historic Preservation Commission.

Paula Davidson Goodale Vice Chairman
Gail Cummins Crader Secretary
Toni Senn Treasurer
Norman Brant
Paul Cummins
Ronald Mason
Paul Schock
Historical Society:
David Dickey Gloria Miller
Glema Milliken Betty McFall
Vanessa Edmond

If you have any questions about the Scott City Historic Preservation Commission & Historical Society then please contact them by the following information.

Phone: (573) 334-7025