Here you will find all you need to get started in obtaining a
City Business or Contractor's License.

Business Licenses

Business License expire on June 30th each year. If you are
signing up for a new license you will be prorated based on
the month you sign up in. If you sign up in the month of
June we will simply charge for the current month plus
the next full year.

How this works:

First you will need to download and print the
business license application below.

Then, simply bring that form to City Hall during business
hours and make sure if you have additional paperwork the form
asks for, then please bring it with you.

You will need to then turn in your form along with payment
due and they will process your application and that's it.

Below are charts showing the different business types and

Contractor Licenses

A Contractor's License is good for a one year period. They
are valid from July 1st through June 30th.

Contractor Licenses are $25.00 per year.

How to get started:

First download, print, and complete the application below.

Then return the application along with payment to
City Hall during business hours.

Be sure to bring along any paperwork you think
you may need and that's it!